Paving the way for a new emphasis on web content, Heat-Stream has completely overhauled their website.
Focusing on high quality images as well as deeper information on products and company history, the new Heat-Stream website aims to give consumers an enriched experience.
Ongoing, the plan is to implement a wide array of video content to aid in both product promotion and customer service. With step-by-step details on maintenance and troubleshooting, these videos will bring Heat-Stream’s hands-on customer service expertise to consumers right where they are, 24/7.

“With an increased web presence, we can more effectively engage with consumers in the field. Our products have a long history aiding jobsites across many different industries, and this website will make us even more accessible.”

— Jim Brower, CEO of Heat-Stream’s parent company, Pinnacle Climate Technologies.

A driver of technological progress, Heat-Stream strives for excellence in performance and durability with all of their heating and cooling products.

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