SilentDrive® Diesel/Kerosene Heaters

The SilentDrive® forced air heater series utilizes our patent pending Dual Fusion technology to directly inject fuel and air for efficient combustion and heat exchange. Gone is the noisy and inefficient fuel pump system that has remained unchanged for over 60 years.

The elegance of SilentDrive® is in the simplicity of its design. Our Dual Fusion technology fixes inefficiency with a “right sized” motor, a quiet blower and a quiet impeller air circulation system. Motor size is reduced, electrical power requirements are reduced, air turbulence is removed, and the heater hums along producing all of the heat you demand at half the noise.

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  • SilentDrive70R Diesel/Kerosene Radiant Heater 70,000 BTU

  • SilentDrive150 Diesel/Kerosene Forced Air Torpedo Heater 120/150,000 BTU

  • SilentDrive 220 Diesel/Kerosene Forced Air Torpedo Heater 170/220,000 BTU