SilentDrive70R Diesel/Kerosene Radiant Heater 70,000 BTU

Model No. HS-70-SS-A

The SilentDrive® 70R is an ideal kerosene space heating solution for spaces up to 1,750 sq. feet. It combines both forced air heating and radiant heating processes to bring fast efficient heat to your space. It takes some time for hot air to warm a room full of cold air, but as soon as the 70R’s front plate is glowing, it is emitting radiant heat. Radiant heat warms objects directly, just like a campfire or sun light. The combination of heating methods makes the SilentDrive® 70R an effective evolution in portable heater technology.

Product Description

  • CSA Certified to run on Kerosene, #1 &2 Diesel Fuel, JP8/Jet A Fuel and #1 & 2 Fuel Oil
  • Advanced Safety Features including tip-over shut off, high temperature limit shut off, flame-out fuel cut, a thermocouple and a robust safety guard.
  • Great for use in places such as construction sites, garages, workshops, warehouses, and barns.
  • Radiant and fan forced heating system
  • Dual Fusion Technology produces half the noise of a comparable heater
  • Ultra portable design
  • Safety over heat shut-off system
  • Easy lift handle
  • Fuel gauge
  • power on/off switch
  • error indicator light


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Heat Output 70,000 BTU
Heating Area 1,750 sq. ft.
Fuel Tank Capacity 4 gal
Fuel Consumption 0.50 gal/hr
Max Operating Hours 7 hours
Noise 75 dBA
Model No. HS-70-SS-A

Product Documents

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