Propane Forced Air Torpedo Heater 150,000 BTU

Model No. HS-150V-GFA

Propane Torpedo Heaters offer a convenient, easily portable alternative to our larger units. With variable heat outputs and a light, compact design, propane heaters are a versatile solution for heating a variety of spaces. The 150,000 BTU propane forced air heater is an ideal solution for spaces up to 3,800 sq. feet. It utilizes Heat-Stream’s tried and true propane torpedo heater design, honed over the last 3 decades, and also comes equipped with the most modern safety features available.

Product Description

  • CSA Certified for use with 100 lb LP Cylinder
  • Advanced safety features including high temperature limit shut-off, flame-out fuel cut and a thermocouple
  • Three heat settings allow efficient use in a variety of locations
  • Great places such as construction sites, garages, workshops, warehouses, and barns
  • Adjustable heat angle
  • 10 ft. hose and regulator included
  • Fully enclosed gas controls
  • Over-heat shut-off
  • Continuous Electronic Ignition


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Heat Output 120/135/150,000 BTU
Heating Area 3,800 sq. ft.
Fuel Type 100 lb. propane
Fuel Consumption 5.5/6.2/6.9 lbs./hr.
Max Operating Hours 18 hours
Air Flow 400 CFM
Model No. HS-150V-GFA

Product Documents

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